The Story of Boxgirls International

Strong Girls. Strong Communities.

In 2001 Boxgirls International started our work in Berlin, and became a model project for Germany for the United Nations International Year of Sports and Physical Education 2005. Two years later Boxgirls was invited by Nike and USAID to be a founding member of the Sport for Social Change Network in East Africa. In 2007 Boxgirls partnered with local activists to create Boxgirls Kenya in the urban estates of Nairobi. Shortly afterwards in 2009, Boxgirls was invited to work in primary schools in the townships of Cape Town, South Africa. This is when Boxgirls South Africa came into being.

For 7 years Boxgirls South Africa has been working with primary schools by now to bring self-defense and leadership training to girls and young women in disadvantaged communities. Now in 2015 Boxgirls South Africa is rolling out a new “Girls Afterschool Leadership Education” Program with the support of UBS Optimus Foundation in 20 primary schools located in the urban informal settlements of Khayelitsha in Cape Town. Female peer-facilitators coach grade 5 girls in de-escalation strategies, communication skills, life skills and good learning habits over half a school year.