Evaluation of Boxgirls Leadership Club

In order to constantly improve and preserve our high standards on the quality of our project the impact and feasibility of the Boxgirls South Africa Girls’ Afterschool Leadership Clubs will be evaluated by the German Sport University and local research partners from the University of the Western Cape. The evaluation “gold-standard”, a Randomized Control Trial (RCT), will test the impact of Girls Afterschool Leadership Clubs on the girls’ violence negotiation skills, self-efficacy, social capital and academic achievement. We are proud to be leading the way towards higher professionalization of Sports for Development organizations by finding economical ways to use the best impact assessment tools in challenging environments.

Furthermore the evaluation allows us to tailor our project directly to the local needs as we aim for a sustainable and demand-actuated realization of the project.

In order to evaluate the impact of our project from all angles, not only the girls, but also the parents and the expert view of the teachers will be involved in the evaluation process.

The evaluation will be conducted in four steps. First the Baseline and Pre-test will be accomplished before the start of the program, in order to gather information about the present situation. With the end of the program a post-test will show changes before and after the Boxgirls’ Afterschool Leadership Education program. Lastly a post-post test will emphasize the sustainability of the programs impact.

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