Boxgirls Leadership Education

Boxgirls “Girls Afterschool Leadership Education” is a new programme dedicated to primary school girls from Khayelitsha. Our slogan is “Strong Girls. Safe Communities.” We operate from the position that if girls and women have the skills and the support to develop their sense of self they will also take steps to protect themselves, and work for a safer community. That’s why the aims and impact of our program reaches from the individual girl to the peer group and the broader community. Achieving these aims will not only have a positive impact on the girls participating, but on the school itself, as the part taking girls will act as multipliers against gender based violence.

Female peer-facilitators coach a group of 30 grade 5 girls in de-escalation strategies, communication skills, life skills and good learning habits over half a school year. Peer facilitators are young women with high integrity from the community, trained and supervised by us.

The curriculum of the programme cover themes such as:

  • communication skills (active listening, presentation, debating, video making)
  • self-respect and goal setting
  • personal safety
  • community mapping
  • de-escalation strategies
  • solidarity with other girls, understanding girls’ rights
  • awareness of local resources and opportunities for them

The Girls attend Boxgirls’ Afterschool Leadership Club twice a week for half a school year for 90 minutes after school on site at the school. Our program includes the offer of homework support and exam preparation at Homework Club.

We currently run our program in 5 primary schools in Khayelitsha, Site C, and one Math Hub for Homework Club. Read more on Boxgirls South Africa locations

From November 2015 on we will expand our project to 15 more primary schools and 2 more Maths hubs. In April 2017 Boxgirls Afterschool Leadership Club will reach nearly 90% of all Primary Schools in Khayelitsha.

Boxgirls Locations

We offer our Girls’ Afterschool Leadership Club at the following schools in Khayelitsha:

Vuzamanzi Primary School

Isikhokelo Primary School

Sivile Primary School

Vuselela Primary School

Encotsheni Primary School

In 2016 we will expand our program to 15 more schools including

Mandalay Primary School

Nolungile Primary School

Sivuyiseni Primary School

Luleka Primary School

Kuyasa Primary School

Isiphiwo Primary School

Masiphumelele Primary School

Injongo Primary School

Ntwashlobo Primary School

Sobambisana Primary School